A.J. Rubber & Sponge Ltd. is capable of producing not only sponge gaskets and seals, but gaskets and seals from a variety of other non-metallic materials as well.


A.J. Rubber & Sponge Ltd. can produce foam gaskets and seals for a number of diverse commercial and industrial applications. There is no shortage of demand for A.J. Rubber & Sponge Ltd.'s foam gaskets and seals due to their commonality across a wide range of industries. We are capable of manufacturing a variety of foam gaskets and seals, such as:

  • Microcellular urethane foam gaskets and seals
  • Cross-linked polyethylene foam gaskets and seals
  • Silicone foam gaskets and seals
  • Acoustic foam gaskets and seals
  • Polyurethane foam gaskets and seals

To learn more about the foam gaskets and seals A.J. Rubber & Sponge Ltd. can supply your business for your unique application, please browse through our website, or contact our helpful staff with any questions you may have.


In addition to materials used in the production of sponge gaskets and seals, A.J. Rubber & Sponge Ltd. stocks and sources all types of rubber materials. We ensure the fastest turnaround time for the production of your rubber gaskets and seals in the cellular rubber products industry. Each rubber material possesses varying characteristics and parameters that assist our commercial and industrial clients in determining what the best rubber is for their specific application. The team at A.J. Rubber & Sponge Ltd. can help guide you through rubber material choices to ensure that you select the best rubber material for your rubber gasket and seal requirement. We manufacture the bulk of our rubber gaskets and seals from a variety of rubber materials, such as:

  • EP (ethylene propylene) rubber
  • Butyl rubber
  • CI (cloth inserted) rubber
  • Military specification rubber
  • Natural rubber
  • Neoprene rubber
  • SBR (styrene butadiene rubber)
  • Nitrile / buna-n rubber
  • EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) rubber
  • Silicone rubber
  • Fluorocarbon rubber
  • And many more

For further information on our rubber gaskets and seals manufacturing capabilities, please contact A.J. Rubber & Sponge Ltd. today. Our helpful team will gladly assist you with any questions you may have!


Neoprene is a synthetic rubber that is very commonly used to manufacture rubber gaskets and seals for a number of commercial and industrial processes. Based on polychloroprene, neoprene is a brand name developed by a chemical manufacturing company; it was developed as an oil-resistant alternative to natural rubber products. As many rubber gaskets and seals are subject to environments where they may come in direct contact with oils, neoprene is a suitable choice for such types of applications. Neoprene gaskets and seals have a wide range of beneficial properties:

  • Useful over a very wide range of temperatures
  • Resistant to tears or damage caused by twisting and/or flexing
  • Resistant to burning (much better than rubbers that are composed exclusively of hydrocarbon chains)
  • Resistance to many weather elements including ozone, ultraviolet light, sunlight, etc.
  • Resistant to natural and synthetic oils as well as other chemicals

Should you like to know more about the neoprene material that goes into the neoprene gaskets and seals that A.J. Rubber & Sponge Ltd. produces, or if you would like more information about our sponge gaskets and seals, give our team of experts a call.


With over 50 years of experience in the cellular rubber products industry, A.J. Rubber & Sponge Ltd. specializes in producing both open cell and closed cell sponge gaskets and seals. Our sponge gaskets and seals are used in various applications over multiple industrial and commercial businesses. Each type of sponge material that we carry offers a unique set of physical characteristics. Most grades of the sponge material that A.J. Rubber & Sponge Ltd. uses in the production of our sponge gaskets and seals are available in soft, medium and hard densities. We can produce sponge gaskets and seals in a variety of sponge materials:

  • Silicone sponge
  • Closed cell EPDM sponge
  • SBR sponge
  • Epichlorohydene sponge
  • Neoprene sponge
  • Vinyl nitrile sponge

To learn more about the variety of sponge materials used in A.J. Rubber & Sponge Ltds. sponge gaskets and seals fabricating process, please peruse our sponge gaskets pages, or contact us with further questions.


A.J. Rubber & Sponge Ltd. is capable of manufacturing gaskets and seals using solid polyethylene. Our polyethylene gaskets and seals are very versatile in that they can have PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) applied to them. For more than 50 years our experience in producing polyethylene gaskets and seals has enabled our clients to meet the demands of their commercial and industrial applications. To learn more about the polyethylene gaskets and seals that we manufacture, feel free to browse our polyethylene gasket page, or give the professionals at A.J. Rubber & Sponge Ltd. a call for more information.

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